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3 great ranges
Three great ranges of jackets, trousers and aprons to choose from.

2 weeks maximum wait
Two weeks is the maximum time to wait before you are in your new uniforms.

1 month’s notice
One month notice is all that is required if you wish to close your account.

0 additional cost
Zero additional costs to change sizes or close your account. No residual charges.


Find us in the nation’s leading kitchens

Every restaurant and kitchen manager knows the overwhelming importance of kitchen hygiene. If the restaurant is to be successful, all of the equipment, utensils and catering clothing needs to be spotless. With that in mind, it’s no coincidence that the chef’s wear for so many of the country’s leading kitchens is supplied by Johnsons Stalbridge Linen Services.

Here’s a quick overview of the kitchen linen hire services we offer:

Chef Jackets

In terms of catering clothing hire, the chef’s jacket could easily be the most functional garment on the list. It’s also highly symbolic, tracing its roots to the birth of modern cuisine in the 19th century, when French chefs were carving out a new level of respect for the culinary arts. This is when chef whites first became mainstream.

At Stalbridge Linen Services, we continue that tradition of respect today with high quality chef’s whites that any culinary master would be proud to wear. We are not only dedicated to providing an efficient, personal service, but are also extremely conscious that hygiene in your kitchen is never compromised. That’s why our chef wear is made exclusively to our own specifications.

Chef Trousers

Our chef’s trousers offer the perfect union between form and function. Available in dark colours or even with a checked pattern, they look smart and conceal stains so that the chef can continue at full steam on the kitchen floor without worrying about the need to change clothes before going out to greet guests. They’re also loose-fitting enough to protect against scalding liquids that would otherwise be held close against the skin.


First and foremost, an apron is a functional article of clothing. It protects cooks and servers, alike, from splashes and spills that could soil their uniforms. It also adds an extra layer of protection against scalding liquids.

But while the function is certainly paramount, there’s nothing wrong with looking sharp in the process. The aprons offered by Stalbridge Linen Services are sleek and smart, and they come in a range of styles to suit the various needs of your staff.


Of all the kitchen linen products available, a supply of clean cloths could easily be the most important. These are the workhorses of any restaurant. You use them variously to disinfect or wipe down surfaces, grasp hot handles, polish silverware and so much more. Browse our selection of smart, stylish and functional cloths right on this page, and click on any style for a closer look.

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are ideal for a range of situations, including al fresco dining, some catering functions and a host of casual dining environments. Our most popular polo shirts come in black and navy blue – dark colours that allow your serving staff and food runners to stay behind the scenes even when they’re actively at work on the floor.

If you’d like to learn more about our chef’s clothing and other hire services, contact Stalbridge Linen Services today.

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The no contract agreement that Stalbridge offer means there are no hidden costs or surcharges should I need more or less of any item from them at any time.

Rik Razza, Chef Director Training, Baxterstorey

Our Regional and National Finalists certainly looked the part in their smart chefs jackets. Thank you Stalbridge.

Dee Smith, Programmes Director, The Springboard Charity & Springboard UK

I have used Stalbridge for many years, first as a chef and now as a Purchasing Manager. They are always helpful and professional and really care about their customer and service.

Graeme White, Purchasing Manager, Harrison Catering

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To make an enquiry about your kitchen linen needs call us on 0800 093 9933 or contact us

Fresh Thinking

Fresh thinking for your kitchen linen services

No Contracts

Unlike other linen hire companies, Johnsons Stalbridge relies upon an outstanding track record for providing exceptionally high standards of customer service and an extensive selection of the finest linen products to cement our valued relationships with our customers. There are ‘no contracts’ with our first-rate kitchen linen hire services, just a fine quality product selection and unimpeachable customer service standards that you can confidently rely upon and trust.

No Hidden Costs

As there are ‘no hidden costs’ with the fine range of linen products Stalbridge Linen Services provides for kitchens across Britain, you can order from our extensive selection of premium quality kitchen linen products with confidence, safe in the knowledge that what you budget for, is exactly what you’ll pay for. There are no unwanted surprises with our kitchen linen hire services, just exceptional customer service standards and premium quality linen products.

Quality Control

Quality control is a crucially important aspect of the fine linen hire services Stalbridge provides for kitchens across Britain. When you order from our kitchen linen range, you can rest assured that the linens you order have passed through a variety of thorough quality control tests to ensure exceptionally high standards of cleanliness, hygiene, and presentation at all times. The emphasis our fully trained staff place on quality control ensures hygiene standards in your kitchen are never compromised.

First Class Service

Stalbridge Linen Services offers kitchens across Britain a first class linen hire service that’s sure to exceed their expectations. We take pride in our reliable workforce, and all our employees, from our customer service staff to our drivers and factory workers, have been carefully selected and fully trained to ensure you always receive the finest quality linen products for your kitchen, and benefit from our impeccable customer service standards.

Free Exchanges

Stalbridge Linen Services offers a ‘free exchanges’ policy on all our kitchen linen products to help your kitchen meet the constantly changing needs of your business. Whether you need to exchange short sleeve chef’s jackets for long sleeve chef’s jackets, glass cloths for kitchen cloths, or a bib apron for a waist apron, give our customer service department a call. They’ll swap your order for you at no extra cost.

Flexibility that best suits you

Flexibility is often just as important as cleanliness and hygiene in the kitchen sector. With high seasons and low seasons to take into account, kitchens across Britain rely upon the flexible kitchen linen hire services Stalbridge provides. Our large stock holding of premium quality kitchen linens empowers your kitchen to increase and decrease its stock levels as necessity dictates, so you needn’t worry about paying for stock which would otherwise sit on the shelf during a quiet period.