Attracting More Customers to Your Café or Restaurant

Attracting More Customers to Your Café or RestaurantAttracting More Customers to Your Café or Restaurant

It has been some years since the credit crunch and the uncertain economic times that followed but for many businesses, attracting new customers is still proving to be something of a struggle. If you are running a café or restaurant in Oxford, where we have many regular customers, you might like to try adopting some of the suggestions in this article to see whether they have the desired effect. Each one has been successfully employed by other eateries in the past but as every business is different, you may have to experiment with one or two of them before you find a winning combination for your establishment.


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New brochure for 2016!

New brochure for 2016!New brochure for 2016!

We have recently updated our brochure to feature our Easy Chef rental service that is all about choice and flexibility that suits you.


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What Does The Perfect Wedding Table Look Like?

What Does The Perfect Wedding Table Look Like?What Does The Perfect Wedding Table Look Like?

If you run a hotel, your summers will no doubt be taken over by planning weddings, and they can account for a large percentage of your profits during the warmer months. Holding weddings at your hotel is an excellent way to fill room capacity, with guests often staying over, and there are many additional services you can offer to boost profits. However, organising a wedding means giving someone their 'perfect' day, and slip ups can soon lead to bad reviews and a negative reputation. That's why careful attention to detail is so important, and a major aspect of this is the décor. If you're catering the wedding breakfast, then you'll need to ensure the tables are set up and decorated ready for the arrival of guests, and as it's the first meal of their married life, the couple will have high expectations for the quality of decorations and style. Here's how to set the perfect wedding table and ensure it gives a great first impression.


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Great Restaurant Ideas for Summer

Great Restaurant Ideas for SummerGreat Restaurant Ideas for Summer

With summer – the busiest time of the year for the majority of restaurants in Britain – being just around the corner, it’s time to start planning how to best capitalise on this fantastic season at your restaurant. After all, whether you are in fine dining or fast food, these hotter months offer an abundance of excellent opportunities to increase sales and further build your customer base.


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Small Changes for Big Results

Small Changes for Big ResultsSmall Changes for Big Results

Whether you run a small bed and breakfast with just a few rooms in Bristol or a large hotel with over 100 keys in London, you are probably constantly looking for ways to attract new clientele and boost occupancy, such as offering special promotional packages or hiring a third party to help you with marketing. Of course, you may not be ready to undertake such efforts, which will take time to put into action and could end up costing a fair amount. Fortunately, they may not even be necessary. Perhaps, some inexpensive, uncomplicated alterations are all that is needed to take your hotel or guest house to the next level. After all, it is often the case that by making just a few small changes, one can radically affect the way potential and current guests view a property.


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